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Over the course of a two decade career, Jonathon Ker has distinguished himself as a career-builder with a keen eye for talent and a steadfast reputation for producing top-tier commercial film production. Jonathon’s diverse and impressive resume includes commercials, films, music videos and experimental content, many produced in conjunction with some of the most respected directorial talents in the business.
Ker’s most visible Long Form work includes; the documentary “ I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times”, directed by Grammy winning music producer Don Was. The film chronicled the musical genius of legend Brian Wilson; the HBO original film “Always Outnumbered”, written by Walter Mosley, directed by Michael Apted, and starring Laurence Fishburne; the VH1 film series aptly named “The Coppola Series” after Executive Producer and mentor Francis Ford Coppola, which included a stop motion adaptation of William Burroughs spoken word piece “A Junky’s Christmas”. All these works received countless awards and garnered widespread critical acclaim.
More recently Ker produced the documentary feature “Buffalo Girls”, which follows two 8 year-old girls in Thailand that compete in Muay Thai boxing to support their families. The film premiered at the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival to much praise landing a worldwide distribution deal.

skot bright

Skot Bright grew up in a military family.  Like all military families the Brights moved every few years and were able to see the finest military bases around the world.  Whenever possible, the family made their way back to their roots in the South where they eventually re-settled.
Skot’s formative years were spent in Biloxi, MS where he discovered his love for music.  By the time Skot was in college he was imbedded in the small but strong local skate and music scene.  Inspired by what was happening in cities like New Orleans, Austin and Atlanta, all just a short drive away, Skot began to focus more on booking bands and making T-shirts than his school work.  After barely graduating with a business degree emphasizing on advertising Skot headed to Los Angeles with no plan at all.  Maybe he would book bands and make T-shirts.
Skot began his career as a production assistant and quickly advanced to working as an assistant director on numerous independent films including: “Texas Chainsaw Massacre III”, “Decline of Western Civilization” – “The Metal Years” and the cult classic “Bride of Re-animator”.
In 1991, seeing an opportunity to combine his love of music with film, Skot made a transition to working in the then bursting at the seams business of music videos.

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